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Jack's Jars

Jack's BBQ1301 N. Market St. Shreveport, LA318-425-1067

Moran's Chow Chow

Moran's Chow Chow was born in the South. Ours is a special blend of crushed cabbage, onions, and a special blend of spices for taste that are second to none. Serve it chilled with everything from peas to hot dogs.

Moran's Country Onion Relish

Moran's Country Onion Relish is a delightful blend of onions, bell peppers, jalapenos and spices. It will compliment hamburgers, hot dogs and any vegetables. Great item for salad bars!

Moran's Texas Hot Sauce

Moran's Texas Hot Sauce is unlike any salsa you've ever tasted. As the name implies, it's HOT, however, unlike other salsas, we don't compromise taste for heat. Enjoy the meaty tomatoes with a hint of sweetness. It is delicious served with chips, tacos, and tortilla shells. Try substituting it in dishes that call for Rotel tomatoes.

Moran's Sweet and Spicy Sliced Onions

Moran's Sweet and Spicy Sliced onions is a tasty combination of sliced onions, diced red peppers and jalapenos. A delicious compliment on any dinner table or salad bar.

Mimi's Kitchen Country Chow Chow

Moran's Tomato Relish

Moran's Tomato Relish is made with farm fresh green tomatoes, selected and hand picked to maintain consistency in flavor and appearance. It is a great condiment for fried or grilled catfish and other seafood entrees. For a spicy Cajun flare, try adding diced bits of this tasty relish in potato salad or pasta salad.

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